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Florida Gold Coast LMSC is your local masters swim committee for southeast Florida.  For more information about masters swimming or joining Florida Gold Coast LMSC please see About Us.


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Congratulations to all the 2014 Gold Coast LMSC award recipients! 

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Coral Springs SCY Last Chance Meet

May 30, 2015

Coral Springs Aquatic Center

Meet Information

Online Entry (preferred)


The Florida Gold Coast LMSC will hold a General Meeting on Saturday, May 30, 20 minutes after the conclusion of the Saturday session of the Last Chance Master Meet, at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, 12441 Royal Palm Boulevard Coral Springs, FL 33065.
The meeting is open to all registered United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Members within the Florida Gold Coast LMSC.  All USMS Members are welcome to attend. Please forward to others that may be interested.
1.       Review of Minutes of March 28 Meeting.
2.       Board/Committee Reports
a.       Chair
b.     Vice-Chair
c.       Treasurer
d.     Secretary
e.     Registrar
f.       Top 10
g.       Sanctions
h.     Open Water/Long Distance
i.         Officials
j.       Fitness
k.       Coaches
l.         Safety - Open
3.       Unfinished Business

  • By Laws
  • Nomination Committee (LMSC Board of Directors Elections at Annual Meeting, Dec 2015)
    USAS Delegate Selection
    September 30 - October 4, Kansas City, Mo.
    4.       New Business
    a.       Officials Certification discussion
    5.       Resolutions and orders
    6.       Adjournment
    Clubs, please have a Club Representative present to vote. NOTE: the number of votes for each club representative shall be based on the total number of athletes registered with that club as follows: clubs of 4-20 embers shall have one (1) vote; clubs of 21-40 members shall have 2 (2) votes; clubs of over 41 members shall have three (3) votes.) Proxies for votes must be sent in writing to one of the LMSC's Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, or Secretary).




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